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PSP and micro cinema

been playing PSP ’till me hands cramp up… Its got that one thing all other small format mobile devices dont have – a truly KILLER screen. Crisp, Sharp, Wide and Bright. I think its possibilities as a platform for mobile micro cinema are huge.. version 2 of the firmware put in a quite capable browser to go with the built in wireless and so RSS and Pod-cast-like video feeds are an obvious step. Potential for museum and gallery spaces…? HUGE. If we dont someone else will… are already running competitions and hosting for PSP video. Sony themselves ran a PSP short film comp.
I’ve also put some of my own video works up as PSP format ready files.

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I am finishing a video installation piece right now that will be screened using small flat panel DVDplayers and headphones. I’m interested in hearing more about your idea as well. Do you mean I could send the video wirelessly to the PSP’s?

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