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(JYBE seems to be no longer available – Oct 2007)

Maybe we could have a go at this sometime?

JYBE is a plug-in that enables people to surf the web and chat together all in real time. This is not a proxy service but turns your web browser into a de-facto IM client. Version 1.0 is the first but we anticipate putting out new releases so check back often.

JYBE was created to show how collaboration can be extended to the native internet browser because we wanted a new way to communicate with friends and family. Not only did we want to chat, we wanted to take our friends and family to neat websites and have an interactive surfing experience that was fun, fast and fee. The result was JYBE.

All we need is a valid email address and a user name. We use the email address to send you product update information. NOTE: We do not sell or distribute your email address or use it for any advertising at all. We protect your email addresses from all third parties and are committed to that policy.

Jybe adds a toolbar to Internet Explorer and Firefox. Using this toolbar, a JYBE session can be created and others can join in the browsing session. All traffic is routed through our servers and costs the users absolutely nothing.

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