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m-learning with mobile phones

This pdf reports on a pilot project and makes recommendations regarding the use of mobile phones, text messaging, etc in a learning program for disadvantaged youth. It includes numerous links to further research.

A little while back I was appalled whilst attending an Adobe product launch (for education priced premier elements and photoshop elements for schools) as the adobe education manager was going through the fabulous new features of pshop including the bundled image management system – photoalbum. The system has the feature to auto send images direct to mobile phones capable of receiving mms. The attitude of the presenter was that mobile phones were the scourge of the school yard and should be confiscated on sight.

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Do you really think that mobile phones offer ‘real’ learning opportunities? I read the article and it seemed very faddish and avoided the very real questions of whether there are actual learning outcomes from teaching using these devices.

One of the suggested learning tasks was to use the Calculator function on the phone – why not just use a seperate calculator? Isn’t that what the user manual is for? It seems like it is a bit of technology for technology’s sake.

Do you think that disadvantaged and marginalised youth need to learn how to use their phones? Or is it better they learn other more base level skills that they are probably missing out on – hence their disadvantaged-ness?



I dont think you have taken sufficient consideration of the circumstances in which this project is taking place. Whilst I agree that there may be a number of weaknesses with the project the fact that it is happenning at all is significant, especially given the techno-cultural gap between teachers (and most museum professionals) and students (and young visitors).

As marc prensky argues eg in digital natives digital immigrants essay.

The links between game playing and learning represent an area of real opportunity for new approaches to learning and particularly visitor engagement.

However, if you have better strategies to engage disadvantaged youth in developing ‘base level’ skills please do share.


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