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Broadband Reality

Broadband uptake is still woeful.

From Whirlpool –

“OptusNet announced today that its subscriber base has passed the 350,000 mark after adding 63,000 subscribers in the last three months. Optus Consumer MD Allen Lew attributed the growth to the bundling of Optus landline, mobile and ADSL products. The company’s success “stems from the increasing strength of the company’s bundling strategy which now sees more than 95 per cent of OptusNet DSL customers taking up multiple Optus products,” Lew said. He also noted the importance of broadband in future strategic planning. “With the trend across our industry for consumer fixed line voice revenue … flat to declining, broadband revenue is key to the future of integrated telcos like Optus,” he said. Despite this recent growth, OptusNet remains just under half BigPond’s size. Six months ago BigPond claimed 533,000 broadband subscribers and OptusNet 250,000. BigPond’s latest available figures, confirmed today, claim 718,000 broadband subscribers. ”