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Augmented reality update – using Powerhouse geocoded photographs on your iPhone 3GS with BuildAR and Layar

October 17th, 2009 by Seb Chan

So you read about MOB’s implementation of the Powerhouse historical images in Layar for the Android phones . . . well, Layar is now available for the iPhone!

You’ll need a 3GS as it uses the compass for orientation but the Layar application is free from the App Store.


Once you’ve installed Layar on your iPhone you need to configure it to use BuildAR as a ‘layer’.

To do this just perform a search within Layar for ‘buildar’ then select it.

Search and add the BuildAR layer

You can see here that I’ve added it to my favourite layers for easy reference along with Wikipedia and Flickr layers!


Then head out onto the streets of Sydney and see what you can find.

You can view objects overlaid on ‘reality’ or get a map or list view. Clicking an object presents you with a number of options including visiting the historic photograph on Flickr, on the Powerhouse site or map directions to get closer to the point at which the photograph has been geocoded.

Layar in action



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