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Exploring ‘On the wallaby track’ – a video experiment with the Commons on Flickr

October 31st, 2008 by Seb Chan

We’ve been experimenting with a few ways of showing up some of the amazing and often hidden details in some of the Tyrrell images we are putting up into the Commons.

Jean-Francois Lanzarone put this little test video together in an hour today. This one reveals the detail of ‘On the wallaby track’ that shows the high resolutions that we scan these glass plate negatives at.

View the original image in the Commons on Flickr. Or on the Powerhouse Museum’s own website.

We will be making a few more of these over the coming months an experimenting with a few different formats and styles. We’d love your feedback.

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  • What a lovely, simple way to tell a story. Not really that familiar with the video side of Flickr, was this done using tools on their site or just video edit software?

  • Great idea – little video mashup of stills to tell a story.
    Tried a similar thing myself for a photonics lab I work in:

    All about re-use of openly licensed digital assets
    (cc:by flickr pix in my case)

    Had some interesting learnings that I’d love to share if interested…

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

  • Nice, Seb / Jean-Fran├žois. Love the feet.

    It’s often disappointing to shrink the images back down for web. This is a neat way to show / retain some of the beautiful details. I’m guessing it was done by making some good crops and then hitting the ‘make slideshow’ button?

  • I found this totally inspiring.
    I blogged it at

  • How was it done – moving around the hi res tif – or videoing the slide or????