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Entries from February 15th, 2006

Amazing new netart projects at Tate Online

February 15th, 2006 Comments Off on Amazing new netart projects at Tate Online

The Dumpster – a visualisation of break up blog posts! Hilarious, sad and very voyeuristic. The other two are launching later this year. Check it out.


Mashable on Current.TV

February 14th, 2006 Comments Off on Mashable on Current.TV

An more sceptical take on Current.TV and user-generated/co-created content.


marc prensky in Australia Mar 3, 2006

February 14th, 2006 Comments Off on marc prensky in Australia Mar 3, 2006

2006 National Seminars – Transforming Learning through ICT Seminar 1 – Delivering 21 st Century tools, learning and skills This is the first in a series of two seminars for educational leaders involved in technology and learning through the use of the Internet. Keynote speaker: Marc Prensky, the founder of Games2train, designer and builder […]


Multi-input touch screen

February 13th, 2006 Comments Off on Multi-input touch screen

Multi-touch interaction experiement.


Social networking obsessions

February 9th, 2006 Comments Off on Social networking obsessions

On my non-work blog I’ve been posting quite a bit about a very very cool social networking-meets-music web application called In a nutshell what and its music player plugins do is track every bit of music that you listen to on your computer or iPod. It uploads the track name and artist name […]


Electronic Swatchbook Tagging

February 9th, 2006 Comments Off on Electronic Swatchbook Tagging

If you have an hour of spare time that you’d like to donate to us then drop me an email – sebc [at] phm [dot] gov [dot] au. I’m looking for a few people to help us complete the tagging of the Electronic Swatchbook swatches. The main thing we’re trying to get done is the […]


New blog categories

February 8th, 2006 Comments Off on New blog categories

Regular contributors and readers . . . . we have two new categories for posts – Web2.0 Digital storytelling If there are other categories you’d like me to create for posts then please add them in the comments. Remember that in Web 2.0 world, tagging is everything.


Helen Stuckey on ACMIpark / ruminations on Soundbyte

February 8th, 2006 1 Comment

Very interesting piece on the ACMIpark installation / virtual environment by ACMI games curator Helen Stuckey. In placing such corporate constraint on the design of acmipark, lost too was the opportunity to identify with a community. Due to ACMI’s stipulations it was closed to the electronic music, stencil art and open source communities to which […]


ACMI First Person / Digital Storytelling Conference (part two)

February 7th, 2006 Comments Off on ACMI First Person / Digital Storytelling Conference (part two)

Day Two highlights included the comprehensive presentation by the capture wales crew in the first session and the truly wonderful local work being carried out in regional australia by Malcolm McKinnon. Capture Wales The BBC supported capture wales project is now quite mature, having recently passed the milestone point at which more content comes […]


ACMI / First Person Conference Audio

February 7th, 2006 2 Comments

Pete has kindly uploaded his audio recordings of some of the sessions. Feb 3 – 600pm Joe Lambert Feb 4 – 1115 am John Hartley Feb 4 – 1115am Ana Serrano Feb 5 – 900am Capture Wales (fixed) Feb 5 – 1115am