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A dress up game for children

October 11th, 2007 by Seb Chan

We’ve rolled out another simple game for young children over at our children’s website – Play at Powerhouse.

This one is called Zoe’s Dress Up Game and revolves around the Museum’s two children’s mascots – Zoe, a girl representing the local community, and Cogs, a robot that represents the Museum’s knowledge and collection. The game is very simple – find the appropriate clothes for Zoe to wear for one of three different outings.

Zoe’s Dress Up Game is one in a series of simple website interactives used to build familiarity with the Museum’s mascots and children’s brand, as well as teach basic memory and computer operation/coordination skills. They complement a range of offline craft activities that can be downloaded from the Make & Do part of the website.

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  • lyndak

    Ohh Seb, adults like dress-ups too!! Check out “Summer Heights High, my 12yo and I had a huge laff.

  • i love dress up games they are really cool and nice and they make me happier

  • Brandy

    I love dress up games too! My daughter and I love we can’t stop playing!