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marc prensky vs digital immigrants in adelaide

Mike and I had the opportunity to see Marc Prensky present to an audience of educators – 90% digital immigrants – in Adelaide last week. He raised a number of points I found provocative and relevant specifically to our shvl programs, if not more broadly to exhibitions and exhibition development. He structured his presentation into 4 main themes:
1. dealing with change
2. producing engagement
3. mutual respect
4. sharing success

Some points which resonated with me include:

  • one important difference between analogue and digital is that with digital you can program it – make it do what you want.
  • – a website capturing and sharing opinions of students (and teachers) – interviewing over 150000 students in one day!
  • learning can no longer be push, only pull
  • engaement is more important than technology
  • empathy for students is more important than content
  • fun is the act of mastering a problem mentally – Rafe Kotter
  • learn. have fun. do good for others. the new triple bottom line eg The ESP game.

The presentation he gave is not yet up in the EdNA website but here’s a previous ppt with some of the same slides we saw which will give you his main argument. Š

Unoffical audio recording is here (PHM internal use only).


Australian Internet QOS

ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) has a new report on quality of service for Australian internet and broadband connections.

Interactive Media

Sheep Sequencer

Amuse yourself with sheep playing reggaeton and dancehall . . . . Smookie would be into this for sure.

Digital storytelling

Viewer-created TVCs

Yep . . . it had to happen.

Current TV, the online TV station that broadcasts your own docos, videos etc now is experimenting with V-Cam – viewer created advertising.

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Spore – evolution simulator

Will Wright’s latest mega-game project Spore is nearing completion and it looks incrdible.

Here is a long video of gameplay with Wright talking about how players build characters from single celled organisms and evolve them into other creatures who then can build tribes, cities and eventually leave the planet for space. The most amazing thing about the game other thhan the complex organism engine is the way all other players of the game are represented in the same world similar to a MMORPG.

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More movie trailer mashups

Brokeback Mountain vs Back To The Future


Toy Story 2 vs Requiem For A Dream

These are variations on a theme posted earlier



Copyright madness

Read this.

What happened to ‘fair dealing’ and use of Copyrighted material for purposes of ‘study’ and ‘research’?

SCHOOLS have warned they will have to turn off the internet if a move by the nation’s copyright collection society forces them to pay a fee every time a teacher instructs students to browse a website.

Teachers said students in rural areas would bear the brunt of cuts if the Copyright Agency was successful in adding internet browsing charges to the $31 million in photocopying fees it rakes in from schools.
The agency calculates the total due by randomly sampling schools each year for materials they copy, and extrapolating the results.

The battle between the schools and the agency will go to the Federal Court over its attempts to make schools pay for asking students to use the web.

Negotiations between the Ministerial Council on Education Employment, Training and Youth Affairs, representing the schools, and the agency have broken down over plans to change the scheme to include a question in the survey on whether teachers direct students to use the internet.

“If it turned out we’d have to pay them, we’d turn the internet off in schools,” the council’s national copyright director Delia Browne said.

“We couldn’t afford it; it would not be sustainable. How on earth are we going to deliver education in the 21st century? How are taxpayers going to afford this.”


a joyful stroll thru music history

Many may have seen this before but Ishkurs Guide to Electronic Music is lots of fun. By no mean defintive but none the less a good overview of genres and the evolution of styles….