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Some NSW Baby Name Explorer easter eggs

Our Baby Names Explorer has been getting a lot of use and some of you might be interested in knowing about a few of the ‘hidden features’.

Here’s some useful ones which use the RegEx structure:

Comparing two names – enter ‘/(name)|(name)’ to compare. For example ‘/(michael)|(john)’ will show the popularity of both michael and john on the one chart.

Show names containing a string – enter ‘/string’. For example ‘/ee’ will show you all the names containing ‘ee’ anywhere in the name.

Show names ending in a string – enter ‘/string$’. For example ‘/ae$’ will show every name ending in ‘ae’.

Compare names ending in two strings – enter ‘/(string$)|(string$)’. For example ‘/(ee$)|(ae$)’ will compare names ending in ‘ee’ and ‘ae’.

There are some more hidden tricks . . . . have fun.